Is LCS Right For You?

Each family must prayerfully answer this important question. It is essential to understand that Longview Christian School exists to challenge and empower our students to reach their full potential for Christ.  Parents who desire to send their child to LCS should embrace the philosophy that all truth, and consequently all education, can not be discovered outside of a Christian worldview and understanding of the Word of God.  The success of our program depends on a strong partnership between parents and school, spiritually and educationally.  Below you will find additional resources that may provide you with various perspectives as to why a Christian education is important and what to look for in a school. We hope that you will find these articles helpful for your family in making this important life decision.

Christian Schools: Is Your Investment Worth Is?
by Michael Zigarelli, PhD

Have You Enrolled Your Child in a Christian School for the Right Reasons?
by Paul A. Kienel, PhD

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