College Preparation

At Longview Christian School, we understand and emphasize how important it is for students to prepare for college while studying in high school. Our academic advisor and high school faculty make it a point to frequently notify students of any information or programs related to colleges, degrees, and scholarships. Students in their junior or senior year are given two college days to use for visiting colleges, universities, and job fairs.

During classes students are given the opportunity and motivation to research fields of interest and the colleges and universities that offer them. Students are also given many opportunities to earn scholarship money by writing essays for various programs established by groups such as Women in Longview, The Rotary Club, Upshur Rural, Right to Life, and Longview banks.

9th grade students take the PreACT test, which is designed to prepare them for the ACT.  10th grade students take the PSAT in preparation for their 11th grade PSAT test and the SAT in the future.  11th grade students take the PSAT a 2nd time, which enters them in the National Merit Scholarship Program competition.

The College Preparatory degree plan emphasizes mathematics, science, and foreign language to prepare students for study in higher education and is standard for all high school students. A total of 28 credits are required for graduation.

  • English – 4 credits
  • Social Studies – 4 credits (Geography, World History, US History, Government/Economics)
  • Mathematics – 4 credits (Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Math Elective)
  • Science – 4 credits (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science Elective)
  • Bible – 2 credits
  • Physical Education or Sports – 1½ credits
  • Foreign Language – 2 credits
  • Health & Fitness – 1 credit
  • Speech – ½ credit
  • Community Service – 1 credit
  • Fine Arts – 1 credit
  • Electives – 3 credit

The General Studies degree plan is available for students with unique learning challenges.  A total of 26 credits are required for graduation.  For more information, please speak to the LCS principal.

The Distinguished Achievement degree plan is available for advanced students who desire a greater challenge.  A total of 28 credits is required for graduation, but some advanced classes are required.  Certain additional advanced measures are also required.  For more information, please speak to the LCS principal.