Academic Programs

Longview Christian School currently offers three unique academic programs designed to better meet the diverse needs of Christian parents and students in our community.  We believe that every Christian parent should have the opportunity to choose a Christ-centered education for their child.  These programs allow LCS to serve a greater number of those families.  Please click the links in the menu on the left for more information.

  • Traditional Program - On five-day, traditional program has been the foundation of Longview Christian School since our inception in 1982.

  • Collaborative Education Program - New in 2016, our Collaborative Education Program is a hybrid between traditional Christian school and homeschool.  Students attend LCS for three days per week and are taught be parents in the home for two days per week.

  • Austen-Coley Dyslexia Program – New in 2016, LCS has partnered with the experts at the Austen-Coley School for Dyslexia to provide services to students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and related processing issues.